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Mail-Art CALL | CALL for entrees
We know that we as humans have to deal with the environment much more carefully and we know about the plastic soup.
How are we going to tackle this problem?
Can we humble ourselves?
Can we do without non-degradable waste?
Does plastic have a beauty?
Give a plastic bag a second life as a work of art.
Make an artwork with, or from, a plastic bag.
* Exhibition in non-profit gallery KunstSalon Kasteel Daelenbroeck, The Netherlands
* Catalog (digital)
* Certificate (digital)
* No fees
* No return
* Max 2 works per person
* Size free, but nice if it fits through the letterbox (possibly folded)
* No racist, gender-unfriendly expressions
Be sure to add the following info:
Your name
Home-address (incl. country)
Mail address
Send your contribution(s) to:
Carmen Heemels
Dr Biermansstraat 23
6075 AR Herkenbosch
The Netherlands