c a r m e n h e e m e l s
Carmen Heemels

without logic
rational reality
without analysis ....
...free !
with contradictory impulses
watching as metaphor
of the world

'Art connects and knows no boundaries'
Carmen is a collector of 'things' that she makes her own by editing them. Later on she connects the objects or memories with each other. She asks questions and enters into a dialogue with the viewer. The answer is up to the viewer, or at least sets the work on a quest.
What she makes are mainly spatial collages, so to speak installations / conceptual art.
She also realizes art projects with a temporary nature, such as the 1 m2 project and 1.976 | EXISTENCE (pictures). The process is especially important here. With the aim of connecting to the world, the feeling of being part of life with everyone.
In addition, she initiates cross-border international projects, such as mail art. Carmen also shows this in her non-profit gallery.
See for more information below.
So besides of a visual artist, Carmen Heemels is a project manager / curator of (inter) national art events, poet and a teacher of visual arts. She exhibits in the Netherlands and abroad.
With this, she is also involved in the management / organization / judging art events of GAPi the Netherlands/International and Leading Art Iran.
In this context, and also as artist, she was invited to visit many art-events/ projects in among others South Korea, Iran, Finland and Turkey.
More info about her art/artprojects and so on, you can find among others on:
Productions: HHAP
About her non-profit art-stage: