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Aug 23
 posted by Cheryl Krage   from on August 23, 2022 0:01 cheryl.kragg@mail.com permalink comments (0)

Finally! I found a legit c yber guru that works on all c redit related issues. I had a low c redit of 490 which wouldn't let me qualify for anything, it was a struggle finding a real agent after having l ost money to rippers here.. luckily I met D e n n i s on Qoura and after 3weeks working with him my score right now is 780 and he is still working on my lingering d ebts which is why I decided to share this for anyone in need not to fall into wrong hands.. contact him on D E N N I S D F I X E R @G M AIL.C OM or 1609 451 7368 and if you have questions for me I can be reached at Cheryl.Kragg@mail.com

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