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Mar 24
 posted by Zara  Muhammad from Malaysia on March 24, 2023 21:59 mzara0497@gmail.com permalink comments (0)

Who do I report this scam to? this question wouldnt let me rest weeks after realizing that i have been scammed .during the ramadam i pray everyday about it until i meet a chinese muslim who introduced me to Yang Wizard Recovery Dark 🌑.A chinese base hacking company, i emailed and also contacted the whatsapp number, i was asked a few question and asked to provide physical material evidence of which i did immediately, to summarized it all withing 1 week my money was recovered and the woman her bank account was used to scammed me is malaysian woman was immediaetly arrested by the police . if your a victim of romance scam or any type of scam and you have material evidence to back up your claim, Yang Wizard Recovery Dark 🌑 is your best chance of recovering all thats stolen from you. below i share the contact informations.
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