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Mar 30
 posted by Zachary Martina  mARTINA from United Kingdom on March 30, 2023 1:41 martinazachary38@gmail.com permalink comments (0)

When I realized I had lost my money to crypto-organized scammers, I nearly lost my sanity. I didn't know I would ever be a target to scammers because I have lived my life outright, and the idea of knowing that I had lost what I had labored for to some pretentious individuals will haunt me forever. But then I found a team of Ethical Hackers and everything changed. Joel explained how the process of recovering my money would work, and what we needed to do to get my hard-earned money back, they did an impressive job doing private investigations on those scammers that even my cop friend I had reported the case to marveled at their expertise. And then they did well-recouping funds I had sent to those pranksters severally on different platforms and wallets. The process took a while but the efforts invested in it were worthwhile. The day I confirmed the coins in my wallet felt like I just earned a million bucks. (Cybergenie@cyberservices.com) (WhatsApp 1-252-512-0391).

Zachary Martina H.

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