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Several publications about me and my work.

Aesthetics of faces, Fantapia M Museum, Gangneung, Republic of Korea, 2022

RoerdalenNU.nl, september 2022.

I have been interviewed by Fatma Tan for the Turkish newspaper Ulukisla Havadis Gazetesi, edition 25 february 2021.
Many thanks to Safa Büte.

My artwork is, as part of the exhibition "Beyond the Border", Korea, shown in a newspaper
(it is the black and white in the front right):

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Carmen Heemels in Korea Newspaper NEWSREPORT.
Reporter: Heong Hye-mi. Thanks to Yoo Choong Yeul.

Here is the text (translated by Google Translate)

Special Exhibition2020
Korea Cheongro Art Association International Exchange Exhibition
Feast of 146 artists from 31 countries organized by Dutch GAPI, Portugal PAS, and News Report
Yun Byong Ho Chairman of Cheongro Sculpture Arts Association
The '2020 10th Cheongro Sculpture Arts Association International Exchange Exhibition' held in Daejeon City Hall of Incheon Culture and Arts Center from the 25th to the 30th of last month ended successfully. The International Exchange Exhibition is hosted by the Cheongro Sculpture Arts Association (Chairman Yun Byong Ho) and organized by the Dutch international art organization “Gogyoshi Art project International (GAPi), the Portuguese international art organization “Peace and Art Society” (PAS)”, and a news report from a comprehensive current affairs magazine. did. A total of 146 artists from 31 countries participated in the exhibition, and national flags and posters of participating artists were displayed for each work, creating a global atmosphere as if enjoying world culture in one place. At the opening ceremony of the exhibition held on the 25th, Chairman Yun Byong Ho said, “The exhibition was held after twists and turns in the aftermath of Corona 19. He said, “We are truly happy to be able to showcase various genres, such as the diversity of contemporary art and the tradition of Korean art, to domestic and foreign art lovers in a rapidly changing society.”
# Hope the people in Corona 19 gain hope and courage
Cheongro Sculpture Arts Association Chairman Yun Byong Ho said, “The whole world is having a difficult year. There were difficulties in securing the exhibition space, such as changing the exhibition date twice, but fortunately, I am happy to promote the exhibition in accordance with the conditions of distance in life, which is the quarantine policy of the Incheon Culture and Arts Center and the government. I hope that artists and visitors will gain hope and courage through this exhibition.” He continued, “I am confident that this exhibition, in which East and West meets through art, and the world becomes one, will be a foothold for the future. Modern art should help modern people find a good ego with their creativity, and should help them to have a comfortable and comfortable life with a simple and modest attitude.” In this international exhibition, a number of works that show the distinct individuality and creativity of each artist were exhibited, and were criticized for having a good opportunity to experience the flow of international contemporary art such as Europe. According to Yoo Choong Yeul, the international subcommittee chairman, the starting point of this international exhibition was the movie “I Captain Yoo”, and the film's director Paulo Duarte Filipe (Portugal) proposed a commemorative event and started with his approval. Fred van Welie, CEO of GAPi (The Netherlands) was in charge of the exhibition-related materials and poster design. The title of the exhibition was “Across The river” and was decided by CarmenHeemels (Netherlands).
# A creative exhibition that contains the breath of each country
The Cheongro Sculpture Arts Association, led by Chairman Yun Byong Ho, was founded to bring together artists from Incheon and the central region, and to promote the development of the formative arts. On this year's 10th anniversary, he planned an international exchange exhibition, and agreed with the Dutch GAPi and the Portuguese PAS chairman. The works of 68 foreign artists from more than 30 countries, including the Netherlands, Portugal, the United States, and Africa, were selected, and 78 artists based in Incheon participated as Korean artists. As the first local artists, Korean artists mainly exhibited works with Korean identity such as literary paintings, calligraphy, calligraphy, and calligraphy. “It is an honor to hold a meaningful event in 2020 with the Dutch GAPi and the Portuguese PAS President. Until now, only Asian exhibitions have been held, but it is truly rewarding to have a meaningful exhibition of artists from around the world. Although it is unfortunate that foreign artists have not been able to visit in person and have not been presented to domestic audiences while experiencing the unprecedented situation of the corona pendemic, in the future, better exhibitions will be planned and meaningful seats with members of the association Will do.”
# A painter of tenacity with his own style
Chairman Yun Byong Ho is an artist who has built his own style of style in Korean art. He grew up dreaming of becoming a painter, and he started calligraphy as a self-taught, and unfolded his own world of works by showing his personality. After graduating from his work life, he always devoted his passion to brush writing without letting go of art. Over the years, he has built a unique world of art by studying various genres of art such as calligraphy, calligraphy, landscape painting, painting, painting and calligraphy, and has left a mark at home and abroad. We are contributing to the vitalization of local exhibition culture by organizing member exhibitions every year by discovering and guiding them, seeking funding for support. “If we exclude art and culture in our life, it will be a tough life. Any country in which culture and art is developed is recognized as an advanced country. I hope that the Korean people are interested in art, a cultural environment in which their works are stored, and a national policy support system for writers who are struggling economically.”
# Expanding the area of ​​cultural and artistic activities through the association
“When I exhibit, I always attach a national flag to foreign artists. Also, Korean writers wear Taegeukgi and pay more attention to them so that they can play an active part as a representative Korean writer. In addition, the artists participating in the exhibition make posters to promote their work. We are supporting artists so that they can actively PR.” Chairman Yoon, led by the Cheongro Sculpture Arts Association, discovers competent artists who are active both domestically and overseas, and produces artists through international exchanges, He expressed his strong ambition that he would expand the company.
# The 2020 Cheongro Sculpture Arts Association International Exchange Exhibition
The International Exchange Exhibition of Cheongro Sculpture Arts Association ended successfully. On the opening day, watching the works of domestic and foreign artists unfolded in the exhibition hall, I felt a deep resonance in my heart. Seeing national flags and posters of participating artists displayed side-by-side, I was able to gauge the depth of the heart of how much time President Yoon Byeong-ho devoted himself to preparing for the writers. These days, the world has fallen into a slump due to Corona 19. According to the government policy of “Keeping Distance in Life,” schedules for exhibitions, performances, and awards ceremonies have been canceled or reduced without spectators. In this situation, the international exchange exhibition, which had been prepared for a long time, left regrets that foreign artists were unable to attend due to departure issues, but domestic artists were able to gather together to share joy and congratulations, and to appreciate the exhibitions shining despite difficulties. Through this, I guess I would have gained the great power of art and left the exhibition hall with hope and courage. We sincerely congratulate the success of this exhibition, which contains the breath of the world, and, Yun Byong Ho, Chairman of the Cheongro Sculpture Arts Association, who devoted enthusiasm to holding the exhibition and gave the opportunity to participate in the exhibition, GAPi representative from the Netherlands, Fred vanWelie, Júlio Antão, PAS President, Portugal. Thank you to Yoo Choong Yeul, Chairman of the International Subcommittee.

Dagblad De Limburger 5 april 2017
Interview by Ron Buitenhuis
Photo by John Peters

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English and Dutch


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GAPTV: 4x interviews afgenomen van deelnemende kunstenaars aan Gogyoshi Art Project int. 2015.

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Dagblad De Limburger, 2015, : “Portret versus Zelfportret”
Dagblad de Limburger (12 x)
De Trompetter (4 x)
Navenant, 2009
Leudalnieuws (3 x)
Zuiderlucht (6 x)
Beeldende Kunst