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Information KunstSalon Kasteel Daelenbroeck

KunstSalon Kasteel Daelenbroeck, Kasteelweg 2, Herkenbosch, the Netherlands.

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Situated in an old horsestable of the castle, now in use as hotel/restaurant, Carmen Heemels founded the KunstSalon Kasteel Daelenbroeck. She did so after being inspired by visiting an "arthotel" in Israel.

The former horsestable, a small in-between-room and a "salonesque" room form the KunstSalon Kasteel Daelenbroeck. It is easy accessable for all.

Many exhibitions have already taken place as well as performances by famed Dutch and foreign musicartists such as Lenny Kuhr, Ernst Jansz(Doe Maar), Eberhard Kranemann(Kraftwerk) and Slumberland. Also starting musical artists have had the KunstSalon limelight shine upon them such as Hendrik Heemels, Suzanne van Geleuken, Jesse de Haas, Angelo Bombrini, Autumn Leaves and Swaen Beckers.
Poetry was read by Lisa Naus, Ingrid Schouten and Paul Sterk.
Jan Smeets, famed Pinkpop organiser, opened the Frank van der Meijden exhibition.
Several artists from the Netherlands and abroad exhibited at the KunstSalon.
A special performance of american performers Becky Stafford, Colin Stafford and Shelley, called Monster Mass, was showcased at KunstSalon.

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